Is it really possible to innovate a sector as “traditional” as letterpress?
The workshops proposed at the Maker Faire in Rome by Explora, the Children’s Museum in Rome, meet the need to experiment with many new techniques to engrave, cut and punch using fun tools.
For next opening of the kids’ fablab the Maker Faire children, divided by age group 3-5 and 6-11 years, will come into contact with the technique of embossing to stamp, customize and create many products.
The real challenge to be achieved will be the target of the youngest (3-5 years), so that the difficulties often encountered by children in the use of these techniques and tools are reduced.

Maker Faire Rome: at the 6th edition is the second most important in the world after Bay Area and followed by that of New York. An event in continuous growth that, in the last edition, in just three days, has made to realize over 100 thousand visitors. Read more 

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