Labora invited some families to partecipate to some Workshops for Children to try out printing, make their own paper by hand and create a stop-motion animation.

The event was focused on Children’s rights as a way to celebrate the Universal Children’s Day on the 20th of November, in particular discussing the Articles 28 and 29 – the right to education and the goals of education. The event tried to make aware families, especially young children, about good quality of life, to protect the environment by emphasising effect of waste on the Planet.

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From a summary of the rights under the Convention on the Rights of the Child

Article 27 (Adequate standard of living)
Children have the right to a standard of living that is good enough to meet their physical and mental needs. Governments should help families and guardians who cannot afford to provide this, particularly with regard to food, clothing and housing.

Article 28 (Right to education)
All children have the right to a primary education, which should be free. Wealthy countries should help poorer countries achieve this right. Discipline in schools should respect children’s dignity. For children to benefit from education, schools must be run in an orderly way – without the use of violence. Any form of school discipline should take into account the child’s human dignity. Therefore, governments must ensure that school administrators review their discipline policies and eliminate any discipline practices involving physical or mental violence, abuse or neglect. The Convention places a high value on education. Young people should be encouraged to reach the highest level of education of which they are capable.

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