April and Pol were two of the participants of the free Maker workshops that Neàpolis and Fun Lab organized during the three days of the November Fair in Vilanova i la Geltrú. April, Pol, thank you very much for letting us share your creations !

Look at the video how great looks their posters. They had to use machines to coin the created stamps and figures with which they could made wood types in relief that were the basis to decorate their poster. They had to entint types of wood in relief, in this case letters, with which they formed their names. It is known as printing of mobile types, the first printing technique that was born with Gutemberg in 1450. With all this they made a manual impression placing their composition in negative on a typographic cassette on which they placed the paper and that they printed with the help of a cylinder that did the functions of manual presses. This method is known as direct printing and where each printed piece is almost an original, since they never get two identical impressions.

And many thanks to them and to the rest of the participants in the activities of printing, 3D printing, typography and robotics. The second section of the workshops to be held in the Neapolis building on 27thand 28thof December and on 3rdand 4thof January.  We will wait for you!

These Maker Workshops offered during November Fair and the next ones at Neàpolis’ building during Christmas time are part of the CREAM – Creative Makers project. The project aims to create four Digital Manufacturing Laboratories in Explora – the Museo di Bambini di Roma-, the National Print Museum of Dublin, Labora of Tallin and in Vilanova i la Geltrú. The one located in our town, will be located in the Neapolis building.

The Digital Manufacturing Laboratory that we are preparing in the framework of the European project Creative Makers will be directed towards the activities associated with the typography, the printing, the digital manufacture and the new technologies in this field. It will be a space of experimentation centred and oriented to the activities related to the lettering, the typography and the different ways of impression between the infantile and juvenile population. The November Fair has been the test ground where you can experience some of these proposals and activities. The workshop had an eminently practical approach but also aims to involve participants through this experimentation knowledge and skills while stimulating their creativity.

Digital manufacturing and experimentation laboratories allow the creativity to start, test or consolidate innovation processes. In these laboratories, as the one we are preparing, put together many agents like users, educators, technologists, artists are therefore an enabling environment to start co-creation processes where one learns from others. And all this is done by putting citizens, users in the same place and providing access to the technologies. The result is the construction of unconventional work spaces, very fun at the end and while playing and experiencing, they learn and integrate concepts, learn about techniques and technologies, incorporate knowledge about science and engineering. In short, they help to create open minds for creativity and innovation. For that reason the laboratories are instruments with a great capacity for transformation and can be the trigger for future professions, entrepreneurial initiatives or new business ideas.

We are waiting for you in Neapolis on 27thand 28thof December and on 3rdand 4thof January with the new workshops with more proposals that, we are sure, will make you feel creative!

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