The new Crea & lab has born, Creative Makers wants to enhance the creation of laboratories for digital manufacturing new spaces-labs open to children, families, schools and other audiences. Environments that collect the expertise of digital manufacturing laboratories and incorporate co-creation processes into their activity programs.

The four organizations that have promoted the Creative Makers project are the Sociiali Cooperativa Sociale Onlus Museum known popularly as L’Explora, in Rome, the National Print Museum in Dublin, Tallinnna Paber (Estonia) and Neàpolis (Catalonia) .

Creative Makers also involves other partner organizations such as Fablab Muse (Italy), Fun lab (Catalonia) Ukraina Kultuurikeskus Cultural Center of Ukraine (Estonia), the Maker Lab and Kultuuri Katel (Estonia), the Tog (Ireland) and the Association International Children in Museums “Hands On!” (Austria). The European Union has co-financed 60% of the project costs, which had a budget of € 343,023.50.

Neàpolis opens on Friday 8thFabruary its renewed Laboratory of Digital Manufacturing for Children in the framework of the international Creative Makers project. The Mayor of Vilanova, Neus Lloveras and the Councilor for Enterprise and Innovation, Olga Arnau, will be in charge of presenting this new space that gives the city a new tool for the promotion of creativity and technology.

Crea & Lab is being opened to meet the commitments and objectives of the Creative Makers project to design, open and manage four areas of experimentation and digital fabrication in each of the associated European cities: Tallinn (Estonia), Dublin (Ireland), Vilanova (Catalonia) and Rome (Italy). The Neàpolis space is the second of the laboratories open to the project by European partners. Creative Makers will finish its tour in Rome next February 21 with the presentation of the last space in the Explora, Museo dei Bambini.

On the occasion of the opening of the Crea & lab, a program of activities, conferences and a workshop has been organized as well as a transnational work day, as as part of the project, Vilanova also receives the delegations of each of the cities associated and attending the successive inaugurations.

The program begins Thursday the 7th of February, at 6 pm, with a special conference session of the Campus of the Mediterranean to reflect on the Maker Movement, creative spaces and creative opportunities in Europe. The Councillor for Innovation. Olga Arnau, will introduce this first round of interventions.

The first of the speakers will be César García Sáez, IT engineer, expert on issues of digital manufacturing, smart cities, IoT and cofounder of Maker space in Madrid. César García Sàez is, moreover, a researcher at La Hora Maker, a space that has become a reference for this sector. The speaker will offer an overview of the current trends in the Maker area and the way in which transfers from this area to potential industrial processes, creations of companies and potential businesses take place, elements that will make up a vision and projection of where the Maker world goes.

The second of the interventions will be Helena del Barrio Alvarellos, a technician at the Oficina Europa Creativa, an organization that promotes and finances projects such as Creative Makers. And it will show how these European programs promote a vast offer of aid and promotion directed specifically to the community of creative industries. Likewise, it will announce the announcements, grants and subsidies planned for 2019 in the field of the Creative Europe program.

Finally, Marc Escolà, director of Fun Lab, and one of the participants of the Creative Makers project as a local entrepreneur linked to Neàpolis, will moderate an open dialogue between conference attendees.

These interventions will be the embryo of a series of dialogues open around creativity, innovation, and the opportunities for growth, business and job creation that are generated around them. A cycle, whose program will be scuttling over the next few months, in which we want to have the participation of the agents of the ecosystem of innovation, both locally and nationally.


The following day the delegations of the four cities of the Creative Makers project will hold a work session dedicated to the last fringes of the project related to the design of plans that define and articulate the audiences to which each of the laboratories and Latest instructions on the revision of the expenses and investments made within the framework of the project

At 5’30 pm, the official opening of the Crea & lab will be held. The mayor of Vilanova, Neus Lloveras and the Department of Enterprise and Innovation, Olga Arnau will visit the space, will welcome the first participants in an open and free workshop where new machines and acquired technology can be tested. Attendees will receive, until stocks last, some gift bags labeled with the logos of the Crea & lab and there will be a snack for all attendees.

Crea & Lab is located on the second floor of Neàpolis. It has an area of more than 70 square meters that has been decorated and labelled to create a clear and open space. The space can accommodate between 16 and 25 people comfortably.

As a grant for its activity in the form of workshops and proposals for training and immersive leisure in new technologies, the project provided for the acquisition of machinery. Among some of the new tools acquired there is a 3D printer (EntresD Up Mini2), a laser cutter for vinyl and EVA rubber, ethylene vinyl acetate (Silhouette Cameo) and a machine for moulding (Sizzix Ellison Europe 660430) .

Crea & Lab will host the workshops for children that are periodically celebrated within the framework of the Tecnokids program as a way of meeting the strategic objective of extending the use of technologies, the development of creative thinking and the acquisition of knowledge and skills scientific and technical basis at all ages. This will be also a shared space for companies that already develop these workshops, both in Neàpolis and in schools, these are the proposals of Fun Lab, Tecnolab and the Tecnotrack association. The activities will continue to be developed as on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The desire is that Crea & Lab be an open space for other entities and associations, so that from the Public Innovation Agency a protocol of action will be prepared to share these spaces with other groups or groups that work in the The scope of the Maker movement, Gamer and local professionals, etc.

The new laboratory and creation, as well as the birth project, creators and creators of the creation of digital manufacturing laboratories with spaces for child education, families, schools and all audiences. Environments that collect the expertise of digital manufacturing laboratories and incorporate co-creation creation processes into their activity programs.

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