Labora participated to a children’s afternoon Cafe in named Domino, where smaller children who do not go to the daycare could join our workshop with their parents. And also older children who go to school but do not have anything to do after school could come. A Children cafe is a place where children and their parents can feel comfortable.

Domino is a small childrens cafe located in the center of Tallinn. It is very minimal. The cafe offer healthy fingerfood and cakes. It also offer a space where small children and their moms can have a playdate or older children have a place to go after school. It is very minimal compared to other childrens playrooms and has all the lates toys and activeties a child would want. It also host free events for families and kids, with different characters from books and cartoons. 

Labora offered free workshop for children, where they introduced the basic principals of stop-motion animation. The children could do the animation with letters on their own drawings.



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