TITLE: The Right to be a Creative Maker

agefamilies (children aged 6+) and Primary School Groups (for pupils aged 8+)

ACTIVITY: During this workshop participants explore the basic principles of letterpress printing and the basic elements of graphic design, typography and postermaking. They learn to work together and cooperate as group/ familyand discover how, through tinkering and making and using new technologies, they can combine all of the above to have their voice heard and create campaign/ protest poster.Firstly, the participants discuss the theme set for the workshop, then choose a slogan  based on theme and sketch out in reverse. Next using the Sissix cutting machine, alphabet dies and craft foam they cut the letters of the choosen slogan. They then mount the slogan onto a mounting boardand ink up using small ink rollers and various ink colours.Finally using a Proofing Press and paper, they pull a print of the slogan. Participants have the choice to ink up each letter with a different colour ink for the first print and to experiment with colour on all subsequent prints.



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