Labora is a design studio which offers a unique combination of letterpress printing, papermaking, and calligraphy. Labora’s mission is to encourage people to share positive messages around the world. It creates cards that inspire people to keep in touch in a thoughtful, personal, and meaningful way.

Labora works together with the Tallinn School of Calligraphy and the Ukrainian Cultural Centre. The aim of the complex located in Tallinn, Estonia, is to keep the tradition of letterpress printing, hand papermaking, calligraphy, and other traditional crafts alive and well. Labora workshops are where artists meet and work together to create unique handmade books, prints, and other objects with stories to tell.

Labora believes that in order to keep these traditional arts and crafts alive, knowledge and skills must be shared. An important part of Labora’s work is therefore teaching its expertise. It organises workshops and courses for children and adults, professionals and enthusiasts alike.