Maria Zaramella is a graphic designer having a years-long experience in letterpress printing, art printing and art workshops for children. She’s been working as a freelancer with many companies and organisations operating in diverse fields for many years; she’s also a founding partner of the Cultural Association Officina Tipografica Novepunti (OT9pt) which was founded in 2009 by ten professional graphic designers based in Milan. The OT9pt’s mission is to safeguard, preserve and disseminate the culture and traditional craft of movable type printing, reviving it through a fresh, modern and innovative approach. Movable type and printing machinery have been salvaged from old letterpress workshops, a task that required – and is still requiring – time, effort and commitment. In addition to designing new art workshops for schools and families for the OT9pt association, Maria also works as an arts and graphic design teacher. Among the workshops which have been recently designed by OT9pt, the association also designed and supplied printing workshops for the International Critical Consumers Expo “Do the Right Thing” (2015), “Caratteri in Maschera” at the Triennale di Milano (2015), Letterpress Workers at the Leoncavallo Social Centre in Milan (2014 and 2015), the ADI Design Index 2014 exhibition in Milan (2014) and Udine (2013), the ADI Honourable Mention Compasso d’Oro Award (2014).

One of the most important early childhood projects created in 2014 by Officina Tipografica Novepunti and founded by Maria is ABiCiDi, providing educational printing workshops for children, and operating in the fields of visual graphic communications, art and craft printing using wooden movable type, stamps, presses, rollers and colours. Currently, Maria works as ABiCiDi director and “atelierista” (studio teacher). ABiCiDi uses the movable type printing as a creative tool to support and strengthen the children’s self-expression and communication process. In applied arts, Maria uses different techniques such as movable type letterpress printing, linocut, paper and organic fabric printing, oil and tempera painting, pencil and charcoal drawing, fabric art decoration (bleaching, flocking, eco-printing, stitching), manual and digital photography.