Transnational workshops are organised in each country to promote the mobility of the associated artists, craftspeople and makers, educators, and experts of letterpress and printing.

These workshops are based on the principle of complementary collaboration, where each partner trains the others on their specific expertise and skills.
National Print Museum and Labora share their expertise and collection on traditional craft, letterpress, and printing; Neapolis on makerspaces and fablabs, and Explora on hands-on educational activities addressed to children, schools, and families, based on tinkering and making.

This process of capacity building of the staff follows the “train the trainer” logic, leading to a shared definition and understanding of the concept of the ‘kids’ fablab’, which will be co-created and adapted to the local context.

Transnational workshops are always completed by visits to existing local fablabs or maker spaces; places of innovation where we gain inspiration for our new educational activities.